Friday, August 29, 2008

Mystery "iPhone Girl": Kim Chu, kaw ba yan!?!

The moment I opened my browser, what immediately captured my attention was about this photo of an Asian factory worker from an Apple contractor that was included in a new released iPhone 3G phone.

I even saw a picture of this cute, smiling girl and thought she was Kim Chu, the local artist starring as "Jasmine" in "My Girl".

Anyways, here's a photo of the "iPhone Girl" and the details of the news which I got from Yahoo.

"Mystery 'iPhone Girl' generates Internet intrigue"

By MIN LEE, Associated Press Writer Wed Aug 27, 10:27 AM ET
HONG KONG - Who is the "iPhone Girl"?

Pictures of an Asian factory worker found on a new iPhone sold to a British customer have generated keen discussion on the Internet about her identity — and her fate.

The three pictures, posted on the Apple discussion Web site, show a young Asian woman working on what appears to be an assembly line for iPhones.

Dressed in a pink striped outfit and hat and wearing white gloves with yellow fingertips, the young woman now known on the Web as the "iPhone Girl" is shown smiling and making victory signs as she poses next to an iPhone.

The user who posted the photos last week, identified as only "markm49uk" from Kingston-upon-Hull, England, said in a posting that one of the pictures showed up on a new 3G iPhone when the iTunes program was launched.

News reports say the woman may work at a factory run by an Apple contractor, Taiwan-based Foxconn Technology Group, in the southern Chinese boomtown of Shenzhen.

Calls to Foxconn spokesman Edmund Ding went unanswered Wednesday. Ding also didn't immediately respond to an e-mail from The Associated Press seeking comment.

But the South China Morning Post on Wednesday quoted another Foxconn spokesman, Liu Kun, as confirming that the young woman in the pictures works for Foxconn.

Liu said workers testing the device took the pictures and may have forgotten to delete them, the Post reported.

Dubbing the mystery worker "China's prettiest factory girl," China's Southern Metropolitan Daily on Tuesday quoted an unidentified Foxconn official as saying the woman was not fired.

Apple publicist Jill Tan said the company had no comment.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Free Philippine Sim Card: Too Good To Be True?

When I opened my yahoo email, I immediately saw a mail coming from Oliver Marcelo. It stated that he wanted to give me a free Globe sim card as a gift. Out of curiosity, I clicked on the link and I was navigated to

The page was simply designed and it asked that I provide my email address. Again, out of curiosity, I typed in my email address and and upon clicking the "Claim your SIM!" button, I was forwarded to the next page where it asked for my personal identification.

As you can see above, it asks for a First Name, Last Name, Address, City, Country, State and even the Zip (covered by the drop down). Again, out of curiosity or maybe stupidity this time, I provided all the necessary information. I then clicked on the "Claim Your SIM!" button, excited to get my free sim.

Upon reading the text (encircled), I was surprised to know that as of the meantime, they are not catering or shipping to places outside US or Canada. If that is so, why in the first place did they include Philippines in their selection of countries, as you can see on the second image?
Up until this step, I didn't continue on providing my mobile number. That loop hole in their process got me into thinking that this might be a scam -- a sweet way of getting my personal information without me thinking something is amiss. And besides, who is Oliver Marcelo? I searched for the name and saw some of his pictures -- I definitely did not know the guy! I have no idea where he got my email or in what affiliation are we related, nothing!
I might be wrong, but again, I might be right in claiming this site is a scam.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Help with the Internet

Internet has been widely used from personal to business-related activities. I know that even though we live in this technologically-advanced era, not all of us has the expertise in dealing with these things. In order for us to deal with this, I have found a great article that I am going to share with you. I am sure that you will find this very helpful and you'll appreciate greatly.

A Great Help: 14 Internet Downloadable Tools provides incredible lists of tools that will aide in our daily encounter with technology -- the Internet. It will surely make our life a lot easier; from simple communication, down to security issues, including business transactions and so with personal preferences. Go check it out!

By the way, much of these tools are FREE and easy to download, so I see no problem why you wouldn't try it.

By the way, I'd like to hear something from you. Hope you could give feedback regarding my find. If you don't like it, I appreciate the criticism. :D Thanks!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What I've Been Up To...

You might be wondering where have I been... I'm also aware that I haven't been updating my blog since... Well, I dunno... I kinda slacked off a bit from the Internet and just made some self-hibernation.

Now that I'm back, I would like to share what I just recently posted in Triond. If you didn't know, I was with Triond for quite sometime now and I really enjoyed writing and sharing my insights to other people, and at the same time getting paid at.

Hope you try to check out these articles and enjoy reading and sharing a bit of yourself too!

Love in Hell -- it talks about a confused woman who is in an unhealthy realtionship because she is physically attacked or assaulted by her partner.

Ring on a Finger -- answers the question, "Why is the ring placed on the ring finger?"

Camiguin Island: A Summer Endcapade -- my last escapade for Summer 2008.

The Irony in Life: Constant Change -- murmurs about life's constant changes.

How I Made It Debt-free -- the title speaks for itself.

Enjoy reading!