Monday, February 23, 2009

What it's like to be a Skywalker

It's good to try something extreme once in your lifetime. You might never know what the adventure brings unless you try it. Despite having fear of heights, this doesn't stop me from trying the amazing sky walk adventure!

It was a cloudy day and local news reported a low pressure in the area, but that did not stop us from our much awaited sky walk adventure.

Crown Regency Hotel and Tower is said to be the tallest building in all of Cebu -- with its 38-storey, you get to see the whole of it with your naked eye (almost). Paying around $15 for the tickets (1 for the entrance and 1 for the sky walk), we started ascending the 19th floor where we gave the ticket for the entrance and were then ushered to the 37th floor where the sky walk adventure awaits.

Sky walkers (that's us) were asked to sign a waiver before anything else. We were also asked to remove all jeweleries, accessories and the like. They got this numbered scanner-locker where you get to put all your belongings safely. Upon giving the remaining ticket, we were then ushered to the dressing area. Orange jumpsuits were hanging on a rack and so with white pairs of sneakers. It reminded us of those astronauts from the movie Armageddon. For sky walkers who were wearing slippers (that's me), I was asked to buy a pair of socks which costs me less than a dollar. I then get to wear those white sneakers.

Wearing the harness started me sweating. Indeed, a heavy piece of rope and metal combine. Another set of instructions were given after we settled with our harness. One of which is the "no pushing" policy which makes a lot of sense.

Anticipation rose higher when we stepped on the edge of the building and started our sky walk adventure. Some of my buddies went shouting, just to release the tension and nervousness. Cold wind whipped my hair and face. I was even shaking a little -- it's as if the wind is knocking me off. But all of which vanished when we saw the view below. It was tremendously amazing -- coastline, buildings, houses, streets, cars, mountains... everything! We even got to witnessed a fire from one of the building down the area where thick, black smoke started rising and fire trucks pushing through the traffic.

The entire walk around the building's edge was an amazing experience. We were even goofing around while their official photographer was taking pictures on us. Every penny was worth it. The experience was concluded with a huge bite of sandwich down at their snack bar.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Want Variety

For almost a month now, my life has been a routine -- boring. It seems that everything I do is actually a repitition of the previous day. I can feel myself stuck in a wheel like a guinea pig -- always running and running and running, infinitely. Can you just imagine being stuck in a situation like this? It feels like your about to blow your head out because of too much pressure, pressure on actually doing nothing NEW! A small variety is all I ask.

I cannot believe that some people cannot get the idea of variety and flexibility. All they want is permanence and routine. I know that we also need some organization, but I also believe that despite being organized, you can make a variety out of it. I know it sounds contradictory, ironic in a sense. Yes, a variety in the organization -- spice of a sort.

Confused? Don't be. Just imagine doing the routinary things you do, but with a little spice. A good example of which is... instead of walking on the usual side of the road, you can opt for the road less travel, perhaps?... It's all up to you. The point here is having some kind of variety, spice, and color amidst the mundane.

I can feel your eyebrows rising. It's ok, I'm used to getting that kind of reaction. :D You can call me weird or eccentric, if you like, so long as I am happy living my life. As of this moment, for me to be happy, I want variety!

How about you, what do you want?